The cake is cut and the first dance has been moved across the dance floor. Now it’s time to get your guests out and having a lively time. A lot of people are afraid of dancing, or they just do not think they know the song. So how do you get everyone to release that fear and move it into Thriller?


Be willing to get out there and do some crazy dance moves. Some people are afraid of looking silly, so go show them it is okay.

Crazy Moves

Be willing.jpg


Put on a familiar song. Some people dance in their rooms and sing in the shower. These people cannot help but show off those skills if the song comes on. It flows right through their bodies, and do not be afraid to play Taylor Swift.

The Cupid Shuffle, Macarena, and Thriller are great songs to get everyone out.

E knows.jpg



Put on a song even kids know. Even if no one else comes into dance, it adds levels of adorable to the wedding.


Consider having a DJ at the wedding. They help guide the entire reception. They will announce the couple arriving, the cake being cut, and guide people through the buffet line.


This may not be the best advice for your wedding, but if you are debating whether or not you should have alcohol, then know that alcohol helps people dance. I was thee bartender at several weddings and there is an obvious correlation.

It’s definitely dance juice.




Cheers to you and yours!