It’s a constant debate on whether or not to try and have your wedding at sunrise. Do you risk delays that turn it to a nighttime wedding, or just have the sun throw full light on your marriage?

The Photographer:



The main thing you need to check is if your photographer can handle low light. Talk to them. The marriage lasts a night and the photos last forever.


Overall it is very hard for a photographer to capture you with fluctuating light.

Daylight is Easier:

aslin landscape-2

Plus daylight is so beautiful and shows off details. Including gorgeous Texas clouds at Thistle Hall.


Late Night Hours:


If you have a wedding starting around sunset then the wedding will be starting later for every event. This can be fine for adults but harder on kids and elderly. This does mean you’ll wind up being able to party thought. Choose your pros and your cons here.



Having a wedding at night can be risky, but if you find the right photographer and dream for those colors against your dress, then you can make it happen.