Celebrating the country on our farm brings us so much joy because it goes back to our roots of nature and love for the land. Out in the hill country, nature is everywhere and we get to see bluebonnets rise and fall and hear frogs croak in water puddles. Every day is a beautiful exploration, entirely unplanned by us.

At Peacock River Ranch we have a few features in place that will beautify rustic for you without even having to add your own features.

The Barn

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We built the barn ourselves about twenty years ago with old wood. Since then there have been physical extensions and the heart of it has only grown as celebrations, birthdays, and weddings are held within it.

The Bar

We eventually built the bar as an outside experience and it definitely has that country feel to it.

The Wagon

We’re always adding extra features to show off the country and give you gorgeous backdrops for photos.

The Haybales

Because we have so many acres of land we love to make hay out of the dead grass and role it into bales. These are amazing to climb on top of and dance, jump, or just breathe in the smell of the country.

The Arbor

We loved finding chairs to match the arbor and bring more of that wooden country feel to weddings. The arbor itself was also built by us and the view stretches all the way to the river.

The Longhorns

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The longhorns probably wouldn’t like me calling them rustic, but they are definitely part of the land our little spot of the country.