The first look can be a beautiful moment of seeing each other in private before standing in front of many people that will all be staring. After seeing many of these moments I’ve learned that it reveals a lot about the couple because they either do really silly things and laugh with each other, cry because their love is vulnerable, and even just stare in silence to take in the moment. Here are some photo-worthy moments that I’m so glad were captured.


The Balloon First Look

You could even customize the balloons to match your wedding colors.


A Song Before the Look

To build suspense one of the betrothed can sing a song they wrote about love, laughter, life, donuts or anything that tells part of your story.


The Dad First Look

Some couples have been switching it up to where the dad is the one that gets to have a private first look.


Vows Woven In

This couple chose to not only reveal their outfits to each other but also their vows. I love the looks on their faces.


Blinded by her Light

For an amazingly intimate first moment, the groom or bride or both grooms could even be blindfolded.


What was your first look like if you had one?