How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Women often think your maid of honor should be your closest friend, but sometimes your closest friend is not the best choice. It could be the person you least likely expected. You want to choose the girl that’s responsible, caring, and willing to look out for the wedding. She laughs during the bachelorette party but [...]

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How Long Your Wedding Should Last

You want all of your guests to get the maximum enjoyment out of your vows to love one another. The dancing will last for hours so you can get the final night of single(ish) dancing in with your ladies and loved ones. Friends are uniting you have not seen for years, along with new in-laws. [...]

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What to do with Wedding Photos

You have captured gorgeous shots of your beloved and yourself. The colors sung through the fabric and even your best friends were stunning. So what do you do with all of the photos?   At the Wedding Create a Social Media Hashtag For example, you could use #samandjayswedding. This is great for people who cannot [...]

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What Food to Have at Your Wedding

You want the food to be delicious but also not take dollars away from your honeymoon happy hours. Here are some tips to create a memorably tasty and yet affordable wedding. Appetizers While you and your beloved are taking pictures your guests will be waiting around with starving stomachs. Save money on catering and make your [...]

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How to Know it is Love

With Valentine's Day arriving soon, love is being bought as roses and chocolates and sung within letters weaving through melodies. We get caught up in the grandeur of love, but what is love when it comes to the every day and when it comes to the tediousness of life sucking away our patience? I believe [...]

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What Flowers to Choose for Your Wedding

The colors that vibrate to your wedding vows, and surround the after party. The petals that either stand erect or flow down to the table's edge. How to decide on what flowers to have at your wedding? Flowers have many issues when it comes to the final decision. Fake or real ones? How much should [...]

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Celebrity Weddings of 2017

As 2018 brings about new beauty and couple binding it is always fun to look back on the celebrities that were wedded in the last year. Serena Gomez and Alexis Ohanian The theme was Beauty and the Beast. I hope there were roses for the bouquets. Although Serena is highly famous for being a tennis player, [...]

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