The time has come for your big day and you’ve got everything planned. The dress is fabulous, the bridesmaid’s dresses are gorgeous and themed to your desires (and hopefully the bridesmaids.) The groomsmen are happily awaiting to share that special day with you and yours.

With the subject of those participating with you is the backflow of gratitude on your day; yes, there will be speeches and funny memories that will make the crowd chuckle but one thing that will give your wedding a greater sense of intimacy would be personal gifts to your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen.; something that shows how much you appreciate them for being there in your lives and to commemorate a strong bond between you and them.

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It might seem like an arduous task. Take your best man or maid of honor, for instance. What type of way of showing how much meaning to the people who are there to bring so much presence to you?

A great way of doing this would be handcrafting something very personal. A homemade pottery with “Best friend and Best Man” perhaps. Another great way to show your love would be a piece of memorabilia from their time. Perhaps an old rock n’ roll album from one of their favorite bands that you listened to in high school or if your really persnickety, going back to that old pawnshop where you saw your friend looking at a necklace that they never got and proceed to surprise them with it on your big day.

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The most important thing is to acknowledge those who are standing with you with such endearment that would be deserving that would in turn make your day so much more meaningful.  

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