Being in the wedding business means we love family, and gatherings and cheer. This year it might seem less cheery when it comes to holidays, especially where we would usually gather and have Easter egg hunts. So what can we do this year to still celebrate Easter.



Dine-in with Your Favorite Restaurant

From Buffalo Rising

From Indianapolis Monthly

May restaurants are having Easter packages available for pickup where you can get whole chickens, lambs, potatoes salad, wine and other delicious things that will make Easter so much easier for you. Here are some Easter Basket pickup ideas from Indianapolis Monthly.


Have a Virtual Family Gathering


By NY Times

Have a family Zoom or Skype call on Easter morning or even for Easter lunch. If you are religious you could all watch a sermon together, and if you are not feel free to still gather and just talk, share stories of your life, and connect. You can also still have lunch together at home while having another video chat and share what meal you are having. Here’s a guide by Gazelle on how to set this up.


Spend Time with Those at Your Home


By Rachel Cherry


Once the virtual gatherings have closed spend true quality time with those you are in isolation with. Dance with each other to remember you can move and laugh no matter what’s happening. Craft up some cocktails, maybe watch a show that’s different than the one you’ve already binging to mix things up, and laugh some more.


Remember You are Not Alone


By Aleteia

The whole world is trying to figure this out, and I think we slowly are. As things feel chaotic just remember that this will end someday and for now just breathe through it, everything will be okay. Feel free to have a cocktail and dance in the meantime.