Your date is set and the catering is paid, the venue is waiting to cure for the season of the arrival for you and yours. One thing that can be complicated if unplanned is how to get everyone there. How does one go for such a task? Now, in the off chance that you are having a wedding your big day in the town you live in where everyone being is local, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. 

Taken at Peacock River Ranch

In the age of Millenials, this is probably not the case. You might meet your best friend, named Arnbjørg on a family cruise to Norway and now we must figure out how to get her from Oslo to Texas and a car and all that. You also have your adventuring Aunt who just moved to Sri Lanka for two years and during which she will have to travel 10,000 miles to bring you her perky awesome presence and bring along 5000 years of cultural presents for your big day. 

By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch
Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

And there’s also the fact that your other half’s family is spread throughout the United States and some of them don’t talk to each other. This can be very complicated but trying to herd everyone from their lives on different geographic locations but it’s more simple than it sounds. 
A great first step is to book a house or cabin with rooms picked out for your loved ones where the wedding will be held and call and confirm months in advance

The other thing is to find airports nearby with the most reasonable airfare where they can fly in and help with traveling from the airport to your wedding.
Also, getting yourself to your own wedding may seem daunting, especially if it’s a destination wedding. Should you drive or fly? Will you carpool with family or go solo? These are important things to consider, logistically.
If the hotel is too expensive or there’s someone who isn’t sure if they can make since life does happen and a loved one is not 100 percent sure they can commit to a room, you can help research other hotels in the surrounding area where you feel they can stay.  
The most important is calling each person and discussing ahead of time as soon as your date is planned. Remember, that if you have someone who’s invited to your special day, they will do everything they can to be there for you, so just helping them figure out their schedule for you and keeping in touch with how they will figure out how to get there on your big day will make everything go more smoothly.

Taken at Peacock River Ranch