We are in incredibly interesting times where gathering is not always easy or safe, but love is still abound and marriage is still a step in relationships. There’s the option of getting married next year, but in reality, we are not sure how long COVID-19 is going to last and if it will rise back up. Luckily, the Internet exists.


Online Wedding Service



From Bridal Musings


If you want to go fully online there’s a service called Web Wed Mobile with wedding packages ranging from $600 for a full package wedding to $400 for just the officiant you can use this service to have everything taken care of. They allow you to send out a link to all of your friends and family and they can join you through their phones. They even set up a gift registry and the service is 24/7.

Wedfuly is another option and they have partnered with Zoom to make online weddings a reality. “Couples work with the Wedfuly software and their online planner to make sure everything from the venue down to the napkin fold is planned and prepared for,” she says. Plus, Wedfuly also offers day-of coordination for couples who want a planner on-site.


Do it Yourself

From Audrey Chenal

I attended a virtual wedding a couple of weeks ago where the couple had a friend officiate and the two of them got married in person but did a zoom call so we could all watch. They are from Germany so it was an international wedding and it was epic to attend. They had a small cake and we all got to chat beforehand and then yell out congratulations once it was over then they got to spend time together.

Here’s a site you can even create virtual wedding invitations with.


Have a Virtual Happy Hour or Dance to Celebrate



From Daily Mail


Afterwards, you can all hop on a Zoom call for some virtual dancing/happy hour for those who wish to join. We are already doing happy hours online so this is not too much of a leap and it creates an easy way for everyone to connect. You can have a friend DJ, play a playlist or even hire a band to join on the call.

Who knows, Ellie Goulding might pop in and surprise you as she did for this couple. 


We wish you all the happiness and stay safe!