The proposal has happened. A beautiful soul wants to spend this lifetime with you and very quickly it can go from a feeling of love to a feeling of oh god now it is time to plan. A date needs to be decided, invitations mailed out and so many plans are suddenly at your door. How to balance adding your own personality to the wedding while not getting overwhelmed by so many plans?


A Step at a Time

An easy way to get overwhelmed is to think you have to do everything at once. When you begin, go ahead and make a list of what needs to be done and a timeline of when it needs to be completed. With this focus in mind, you can view each thing, the DJ, the cake, the colors, with an amount of self creativity put into each category.


The Colors

The colors are the thing to decide first because a lot of the other plans revolve around these colors. I would count these as the prime area of making a wedding yours. Also, once decided, it is hard to go back and change the colors. The bouquets, bridesmaids dresses, cake, and overall decorations will revolve around this initial decision. So find a sense of peace, go online, and look at different color combos to see what you love.


Realize Why You’re Getting Married

Once you know why you are getting married this can really determine how you want the wedding to go. If it’s for religious reasons this helps decide the venue and how you want the vibe of the wedding to go. If you are doing this for spiritual reasons then how does your spirituality and your partner’s fit into the ceremony? If it’s just for legal reasons then this can also help you realize if you just want to go to a courthouse or even have a lot of fun and do a Halloween wedding.


The Day Of

By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch


Remember that in the end the wedding is a celebration and just being present, owning your love and your decision to wed is what makes the wedding yours. There will be a party and a ritual of a wedding that follow generations of standards, but it’s up to you moment by moment what the wedding means to you.