Let’s say it’s a few months away from your big day and you may or may not have a bunch of activities planned for the day before and after before you go on your merry life and into the world as newlyweds. Perhaps a honeymoon is in store right after (more on that later.)

One of those things that usually happen that can jump out at you is how both sides of the family want to do everything with you and your paramour. Big surprise, right? “Oh, my goodness, there’s a historic town next door that we should take both of you to! We should go before I fly out.” Your Aunt Cleo might say to you upon which you had no idea that there was a historic amazing town nearby where Daniel Boon supposedly lived as a child and as interesting as that sounds, there are other plans made that your soon to be in-laws prepared for you.

Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

The point is, everyone is going to want to cram their time into you in a setting where you want to spend and adore everyone for coming and, well, it’s just not possible to do that so here’s

Tip 1:

Plan events for your side of the family to do together.
Make sure that they are staying nearby. For example, Mexican food is your Maternal side’s favorite food and Italian is your Paternal’s and find a couple of places nearby for them in that historic which fortunately they both really enjoy.

Tip 2:

Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

Clear at least a few hours a day for the Bride/Groom
With the traditions of bachelor/bachelorette parties, not seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding and coordinating with families there can be very little time actually spent with who you’re getting married to! And that’s Ok if you’re having a small instinctive wedding or a mad, daring eloping, however, with conventional weddings becoming bigger with higher production let’s think about who your soon to be married to and have at least a few moments dispersed throughout the day to catch up on that novel or take a nap together.

Tip 3

Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

Clear at least a few hours a day in your schedule for yourself.
This might sound easy but with how much activities are going on over a 48 hour period it’s important to give yourself breathing room. It’s statistically shown that with grooms especially if you spend more time doing nothing it aids in relaxing in the moment and being spontaneous and being spontaneous is the best cure for a panic attack.

Tip Four

Photo: Mad Ball

Have an intimate gathering within your Wedding
This might confusing but usually weddings start very small in mind. “I want to get married in a forest and there will be a guitar player” or “Let’s get married on top of the Alps and it’ll be just us.” Or “Let’s get married on the beach in Hawaii.” And this perfect setting comes to mind with just your partner and a lovely landscape in mind. That doesn’t necessarily happen if you have a big wedding but that’s alright. With the big band and the compromising for certain venues and places that your soon to be in-laws “must take you to” that original vision usually falls across the horizon so one thing that you can do is have that little ceremony with just a few people there in stealth with a classical guitarist playing Cavatina off a private space near the woods.
To conclude, there’s always going to be an abundance of things to do and most likely some misadventures along the way and let’s hope that does happen and someone is recording it so you may (hopefully) laugh at it years later. But seriously, with so many people coming to celebrate you and yours, there’s bound for unorthodox things to occur but as long as there’s the space to appreciate the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with then that’s the most important thing.