Recently a lot of people are having to cancel weddings due to the current situation. Should you follow suit or have your wedding anyway?




In all honesty, it is going to be safest to reschedule the wedding for the following year so that you and your friends and family will remain safe during this uncertain time.


Following Safe Practices


If you do want to go ahead with your wedding then have hand sanitizer on every table and try to reduce the size of the wedding to 10-30 people. I would also allow the caterers to drop off the food rather than stay so they are not risking anything. You can also try to maintain a six-foot distance between everyone and avoid hugging and touching as much as possible.


Courthouse and a Future Party



You could also just get married with the two of you at the courthouse if you’re ready to be married, and then have an official party next year when all has wound down.


Either way you go we hope you stay safe and have a beautiful time with your love.