Amazing First Look Ideas

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The first look can be a beautiful moment of seeing each other in private before standing in front of many people that will all be staring. After seeing many of these moments I've learned that it reveals a lot about the couple because they either do really silly things and laugh with each other, cry [...]

Ali & Daniel’s Wedding

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Ali is definitely a super goddess and we are so thrilled she had her wedding with us. Below are photos of her wedding and the beauty that it held. Ali with the beauty of the ranch surrounding her: Photographic proof of her epicness:   Ali and Daniel spreading their love to the trees: Decorations and [...]

Bride Tips: Making Sure she Eats

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It is well known from every bride I have spoken to post wedding that every time you try to eat someone will stop you to offer their congratulations. This will happen from fifty feet from the buffet table all the way up to ten feet, and then someone will drag you back several feet to [...]

How to Choose your Wedding Dress

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As I personally am going through the woes and joys of deciding a wedding dress I have decided to toss in my two cents (has that expression increased form inflation to be 50 bucks?) on the matter. I have been asking all the wedding dress dressers at bridal stores about how they help brides choose [...]

Six Wedding Registry Ideas for the Hill Country Bride

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The hill country bride ranges from a beauty from Austin that's either swimming in patchouli oil or straight out of UT with her engineering degree and in need of a computer that can keep up with her. She could have been raised on a farm or next to the river. The thing about the hill [...]

Where to go Wedding Dress Shopping in Central Texas

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  Amour Bridal, Cedar Park From Amour Bridal With a five star rating across social media platforms, Amour Bridal knows how to please the brides of Central Texas. What we love: They really display their designers and let different personalities shine. Her staff is also killer. She asks what they love about working [...]

Five Different Ways Father’s Give Their Daughters Away

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Women these days are headstrong, and even if they're whimsical they have their own version of being free of tradition. Brides sometimes honor the past but give it a twist and other times they create a wedding moment just for them. Walking down the aisle and having a father give his bride away is an [...]

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

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There's the person you marry and there's the bridesmaid that stands beside you. She supports you in making the most important decision of your life . Your maid of honor needs to be fierce, loving, and willing to tell you the truth. What to Consider: Will they get along? Your bridesmaids aren't the crazy cousins [...]

How to Include Pets in Bridal Pics

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Wondering how to fit your best friend into your wedding pictures? Thinking of how to pose them in order to prove your love in front of all your friends and families? You can take up close pictures, or even have the photographer capture a wide angle shot. Both ways tell a story, and keep all [...]