What Flowers to Choose for Your Wedding

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The colors that vibrate to your wedding vows, and surround the after party. The petals that either stand erect or flow down to the table's edge. How to decide on what flowers to have at your wedding? Flowers have many issues when it comes to the final decision. Fake or real ones? How much should [...]

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

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There's the person you marry and there's the bridesmaid that stands beside you. She supports you in making the most important decision of your life . Your maid of honor needs to be fierce, loving, and willing to tell you the truth. What to Consider: Will they get along? Your bridesmaids aren't the crazy cousins [...]

Top 3 Sites to Register for your Wedding Online

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It is lovely to go to the stores in your town and be able to physically see the kitchen appliances of your future. This is definitely still a must for your wedding registry. Not everyone is tech savvy, and local stores help your town's economy. Also it's fun to talk to the owners as they [...]

How to Quickly Clean up After a Wedding

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The bells have finished ringing, and it is time for the guests to leave so the bridal clean up party can go home and rest. Weddings are a lot of work, both to set up and to tear down. Here are a few tips to make it easier. Number one tip: Avoid glitter and confetti. [...]