Adding Rustic to your Hill Country Wedding

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Celebrating the country on our farm brings us so much joy because it goes back to our roots of nature and love for the land. Out in the hill country, nature is everywhere and we get to see bluebonnets rise and fall and hear frogs croak in water puddles. Every day is a beautiful exploration, [...]

Rebekah and Jake’s Wedding

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There are so many beautiful moments that happen at Peacock River Ranch. Something about having a wedding facility creates a sense of magic. There is so much love filling the ranch and we are grateful for all of it. We have decided to go back and showcase the epic wedding we have seen to celebrate [...]

Why we have Longhorns at Peacock River Ranch

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It started with peacocks. The wild gorgeous birds loved roaming our farm and we loved to watch them.  The beauty of their feathers and the sounds of them calling each other led to us bringing three of the birds to our home.   Longhorns were not long behind as we became obsessed with the beauty [...]

Unique Songs of 2018 to Walk Down the Aisle to

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Walking down the aisle to your loved one is like floating on the melody around you. At first, your heart pounds as a father or someone that has been your safety walks you, and then you see the future and most else falls from view. That song around you will be the backdrop to the [...]

Guide to DIY Rustic Wedding Decorations

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While planning your wedding there's a need to add a truly personal touch. Not the touch you buy and that one thousand others can purchase too, but decorations that you create yourself. Here is a quick guide for rustic wedding decorations. Make sure to prepare them way ahead of time, and get your bridal party [...]

Tips for a Summer Wedding in Texas

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Summer in Texas is in sweet competition for the hottest wedding weather. At Peacock River Ranch we have seen mini fans with the couple's name on them, as well as people sneaking ice to rub across their foreheads from the water buckets. Speaking of water, let's get to our first tip. Make Sure There is [...]

How to Decide Where to Have your Wedding

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The surroundings of the next beginning. You look in front of you and see him. The man you will tell your most intimate secrets to. The man whose underwear you will wash and whose children you may bear. All the beauty and all the humanity you walk towards. Surrounding this moment are your parents and [...]

How to Include Pets in Bridal Pics

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Wondering how to fit your best friend into your wedding pictures? Thinking of how to pose them in order to prove your love in front of all your friends and families? You can take up close pictures, or even have the photographer capture a wide angle shot. Both ways tell a story, and keep all [...]