Adding Rustic to your Hill Country Wedding

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Celebrating the country on our farm brings us so much joy because it goes back to our roots of nature and love for the land. Out in the hill country, nature is everywhere and we get to see bluebonnets rise and fall and hear frogs croak in water puddles. Every day is a beautiful exploration, [...]

Rebekah and Jake’s Wedding

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There are so many beautiful moments that happen at Peacock River Ranch. Something about having a wedding facility creates a sense of magic. There is so much love filling the ranch and we are grateful for all of it. We have decided to go back and showcase the epic wedding we have seen to celebrate [...]

After the Wedding: What to Keep

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The glitter is stuck to a dance floor that has droplets of sweat and love still soaking in from your party the evening before. The flowers can be passed around in their fresh state to those who wish to smell them before they fade. What else is left to keep and what is best to [...]

Why we have Longhorns at Peacock River Ranch

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It started with peacocks. The wild gorgeous birds loved roaming our farm and we loved to watch them.  The beauty of their feathers and the sounds of them calling each other led to us bringing three of the birds to our home.   Longhorns were not long behind as we became obsessed with the beauty [...]

How to Have Christmas Trees at Your Wedding

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I know, I know. Thanksgiving has not even happened yet and everyone is already talking about Christmas, but if you are about to have a Christmas wedding you need this information in order to plan and to snag the appropriate amount of trees this year. Christmas trees are used to celebrate the holidays and are [...]

How to Choose your Wedding Dress

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As I personally am going through the woes and joys of deciding a wedding dress I have decided to toss in my two cents (has that expression increased form inflation to be 50 bucks?) on the matter. I have been asking all the wedding dress dressers at bridal stores about how they help brides choose [...]

Unique Songs of 2018 to Walk Down the Aisle to

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Walking down the aisle to your loved one is like floating on the melody around you. At first, your heart pounds as a father or someone that has been your safety walks you, and then you see the future and most else falls from view. That song around you will be the backdrop to the [...]

Six Wedding Registry Ideas for the Hill Country Bride

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The hill country bride ranges from a beauty from Austin that's either swimming in patchouli oil or straight out of UT with her engineering degree and in need of a computer that can keep up with her. She could have been raised on a farm or next to the river. The thing about the hill [...]

Different Types of Wedding Lights

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To be outrageous with the lights can make people dance all night. Soft lighting in trees invites people to linger outside and talk about the future to come. There are many lighting and sound companies that can set up your reception hall and even your ceremony spot if you wish to bring the celebratory vows [...]

Tips for a Summer Wedding in Texas

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Summer in Texas is in sweet competition for the hottest wedding weather. At Peacock River Ranch we have seen mini fans with the couple's name on them, as well as people sneaking ice to rub across their foreheads from the water buckets. Speaking of water, let's get to our first tip. Make Sure There is [...]