How to Have a Virtual Wedding

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We are in incredibly interesting times where gathering is not always easy or safe, but love is still abound and marriage is still a step in relationships. There's the option of getting married next year, but in reality, we are not sure how long COVID-19 is going to last and if it will rise back [...]

Celebrating the Years at Peacock River Ranch

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Right now is a beautiful time to reflect back on memories and we have a lot of brilliant ones. We've seen weddings in the rain, in the beautiful sunlight and overall love shines through them all.   Heritage Themes Rebecca celebrated her Scottish side by having Scottish inspired wraps for the bridesmaids and by playing [...]

How to Celebrate with Family this Easter

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Being in the wedding business means we love family, and gatherings and cheer. This year it might seem less cheery when it comes to holidays, especially where we would usually gather and have Easter egg hunts. So what can we do this year to still celebrate Easter.     Dine-in with Your Favorite Restaurant [...]

Should You Still Have Your Wedding?

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Recently a lot of people are having to cancel weddings due to the current situation. Should you follow suit or have your wedding anyway?   Rescheduling   In all honesty, it is going to be safest to reschedule the wedding for the following year so that you and your friends and family will remain safe [...]

Three Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Weddings can be a large money suck when it comes down to catering, flowers a DJ and even the dress. There are some things to simply pay for because it brings ease to the wedding and is definitely worth it, such as the wedding coordinator, but there are some easy areas you can easily save. [...]

Amazing First Look Ideas

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The first look can be a beautiful moment of seeing each other in private before standing in front of many people that will all be staring. After seeing many of these moments I've learned that it reveals a lot about the couple because they either do really silly things and laugh with each other, cry [...]

Adding Rustic to your Hill Country Wedding

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Celebrating the country on our farm brings us so much joy because it goes back to our roots of nature and love for the land. Out in the hill country, nature is everywhere and we get to see bluebonnets rise and fall and hear frogs croak in water puddles. Every day is a beautiful exploration, [...]

Ali & Daniel’s Wedding

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Ali is definitely a super goddess and we are so thrilled she had her wedding with us. Below are photos of her wedding and the beauty that it held. Ali with the beauty of the ranch surrounding her: Photographic proof of her epicness:   Ali and Daniel spreading their love to the trees: Decorations and [...]

A Celebration of Peacock River Ranch Wedding Dads

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We celebrated Mother's Day with memories at Peacock River Ranch and have decided we want to honor the father's too. Thank you to the father's out there who show love, support, and share knowledge with the world. Here are some picture memories of the dad's of Peacock River Ranch. When he has to get in [...]

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes of Peacock River Ranch

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Cakes are works of art that we share with others. One of our favorite things about having a wedding facility is watching all of the beauty that happens at every wedding. There are flowers and there are ladies covered in flowers and men in beautiful colors and of course, there are cakes that show off [...]