When coming to an event at Peacock River Ranch the venue is a beautiful place to explore with oak trees spanning the property and a creek running around its sides. Once the festivities are over, or if you are coming into town beforehand, there is a whole area to explore.


Fredericksburg has a lot of German influence and as such, there is delicious beer everywhere, but this area of Texas is mostly known for its wine. There are many vineyards and they tend to have wine tastings and cheese pairings. One of my favorite places, Quintessential Chocolates, has mastered alcoholic chocolates and they have been around since 1984. The drive here has amazing hills and a lot of greenery so relax and enjoy the drive, and the stay. There’s plenty of shopping and it is very walkable so feel free to park your car wherever and just roam the streets.



Wimberly is a town with a square you can roam about and find shopping from local vendors, a stream to sit and read beside, and amazing local food. This is definitely one of those small Texas towns with a lot of charm and a lot of love. The watering hole is large and also has plenty of places to swing off of ropes from and is right in the middle of the shopping district.



By A Taste of Koko

Austin once had small-town vibes and has kept a lot of its funkiness over the years. It is the Texas capitol and has politics, workshops, a nightlife, and even the historic barton springs. Austin is where you go to have James Beard levels of sushi during a surprisingly affordable happy hour, find local music all over the streets at night and wake up and have a long hike with tacos right after. Even though Austin has a ton to do you still find people that are cheery and talkative just like you would in a small town.



Happy Traveling