Weddings can be a large money suck when it comes down to catering, flowers a DJ and even the dress. There are some things to simply pay for because it brings ease to the wedding and is definitely worth it, such as the wedding coordinator, but there are some easy areas you can easily save.


The Dress


Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos


You can buy previously worn dresses that have been used only once at many websites and these can be up to half-off what you find in the stores. They are still very beautiful and worn with love. Some popular sites are Preowned Wedding Dresses, Still White, and Nearly Newlywed .


The DJ


Taken at Peacock River Ranch by Straw Hat Photos

To be honest I’ve been to a lot of weddings and while the DJ can be useful for controlling the flow and having people know when to cut the cake and such, most of the time they just make a playlist on their phone, hook it up and let it go on auto. You could probably get a friend to announce it’s time to cut the cake and all that jazz then come up with a playlist yourself or have a music-savvy friend whip one up.


The Food

Before calling up all the caterers around go ahead and ask your friends and family if anyone is doing catering. You can support a friend and they’ll probably give you a friend discount just for being you.


I hope you have a beautiful wedding!