The ladies are pulling out all the fabulous for 2019 from wedding jumpsuits to finally having short dresses. The men are also going bolder than the typical black suit with a strip of color to match the female.

Bold Colors

Photography by Alisa Ferris


Show off your love in the brightest way possible. Weddings are finally about showing off the truth of your love, from fashion to who you want to be with. This display of the true self is a future trend that is not going to fade.


Velvet and Tweed

Allison Jeffers Wedding Photography and Willow & Wine


Having gorgeous texture to the groom’s outfit is a trend for this season and showcases the sleekness of velvet. Tweed is also making an appearance yet again. Whatever is the most comfortable for your beloved to touch all night for endless pictures is the way to go.


Novelty Bibs and Harnesses


From the red carpet to larger cities wearing harnesses and fashionable accessories is a trend that seems to have made its mark. Women get to wear veils and jewelry and five inch heels. It is time for the men to accessorize their wedding attire.

Unique Patterns


Photography by Hailley Howard

Men are finally able to show off their personalities when it comes to what they marry in. From floral patterns to dog prints men are showing their own taste.