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Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

From a simple curtain to vines cascading behind you, backdrops are now a vibrant part of wedding decor. Protip: Make sure to check with the wedding venue on what you can and cannot hang up, or are able to change at the venue. Fees can accrue if you go too wild too fast. This backdrop could [...]

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How to Know it is Love

With Valentine's Day arriving soon, love is being bought as roses and chocolates and sung within letters weaving through melodies. We get caught up in the grandeur of love, but what is love when it comes to the every day and when it comes to the tediousness of life sucking away our patience? I believe [...]

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What Flowers to Choose for Your Wedding

The colors that vibrate to your wedding vows, and surround the after party. The petals that either stand erect or flow down to the table's edge. How to decide on what flowers to have at your wedding? Flowers have many issues when it comes to the final decision. Fake or real ones? How much should [...]

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