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Where to Eat in Gatesville, Texas

Peacock River Ranch is nestled on a gigantic property surrounded by the Leon River. The town surrounding us is Gatesville, Texas. It's a humble town and is also the spur capital of Texas. If you visit our museum downtown you can spin them at your leisure. Since I left the town in 2010 it has [...]

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When to Start Planning your Wedding

The ring has slipped onto the finger and your first thought is "Wow, it's finally forever" and the next one "Shoot! Time to plan the wedding!" We are told so often about the weddings where everything falls apart because the ice swan wasn't delivered at the right time and the band wasn't booked a year [...]

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How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Women often think your maid of honor should be your closest friend, but sometimes your closest friend is not the best choice. It could be the person you least likely expected. You want to choose the girl that’s responsible, caring, and willing to look out for the wedding. She laughs during the bachelorette party but [...]

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