The glitter is stuck to a dance floor that has droplets of sweat and love still soaking in from your party the evening before. The flowers can be passed around in their fresh state to those who wish to smell them before they fade. What else is left to keep and what is best to toss away.

What to Keep

The Bouquet

Courtesy of Mad About Flowers

A beautiful way to preserve that bundle of blooms is to dry them upside down and then have them to keep in a vase or to add to a wedding binder that will keep the memories safe. You can also take one of the petals and turn it into a necklace by contact someone who can turn flowers into glass pieces to wear. I have commissioned the Etsy maker blank before and she did a splendid job.

The Food

Courtesy of Easy Weddings

Definitely give the extra food to your family and guests. They have probably worked for it by helping with the wedding. Another solution is to give the food to a homeless shelter to spread the love.

Have Decorations that can be Reused

Courtesy of Pinterest

Many decorations are disposable, but if you use mason jars to put lights in and even wrap them up stylishly to have for table decorations then you can use them later for fermentation projects or offer them to a family member that does. Maybe you can spark a new connection with your new family.


Courtesy of Home Deco

If you use terrariums as The Knot suggests that you can take one home to have for decoration. As long as you can keep it alive that is.