Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

//Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

Beautiful Wedding Backdrops

From a simple curtain to vines cascading behind you, backdrops are now a vibrant part of wedding decor.

Protip: Make sure to check with the wedding venue on what you can and cannot hang up, or are able to change at the venue. Fees can accrue if you go too wild too fast.

This backdrop could take hours upon hours to make, but it could also thrill all of your guests. If you are not feeling so much color for your I dos consider such a backdrop in your reception hall for pictures.

Colourful fabric ribbon wedding backdrop | Image by Ben Q Photography via Ruffled

Can you not just imagine doing epic hiding shots behind these glass panes? Climbing would also be awesome but they might just break.

Photo via Style Me Pretty.

If you don’t feel like putting in the creative work then let Amazon do it for you with this gorgeous floral backdrop.

Using wood for doors or frames can add that mystique to your backdrop without breaking the bank.

See if anyone in the family is into woodwork. Make sure to set a timeline and check on the progress of the piece with them.

Check with your florist on getting vines to cascade up and down the walls for an outdoor feeling wherever you wed.

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