Tips for a Summer Wedding in Texas

Summer in Texas is in sweet competition for the hottest wedding weather. At Peacock River Ranch we have seen mini fans with the couple's name on them, as well as people sneaking ice to rub across their foreheads from the water buckets. Speaking of water, let's get to our first tip. Make Sure There is [...]

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How to Have a Fourth of July Wedding

To celebrate on top of celebration brings great cheer to weddings. For those personalities that thrive on an independent spirit and the spirit of America, then to have a wedding on the fourth of July is another way to declare such love for your country.   Color Theme From The Knot From [...]

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Top Central Texas Florist Shops

What's the main argument between which flowers you want at your wedding? Tulips or Roses. However, what if there are some more exotic options that can make your wedding a part of your personality? Here are local central Texas floral shops that have their expertise in flowers. Let them decide with you.       [...]

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Where to go Wedding Dress Shopping in Central Texas

  Amour Bridal, Cedar Park From Amour Bridal With a five star rating across social media platforms, Amour Bridal knows how to please the brides of Central Texas. What we love: They really display their designers and let different personalities shine. Her staff is also killer. She asks what they love about working [...]

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Five Different Ways Father’s Give Their Daughters Away

Women these days are headstrong, and even if they're whimsical they have their own version of being free of tradition. Brides sometimes honor the past but give it a twist and other times they create a wedding moment just for them. Walking down the aisle and having a father give his bride away is an [...]

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Where to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Wedding

So. There’s this perfect place in the woods nestled into the Appalachian mountains where you hike for two days and that’s the spot where you want to get married. How do you propose doing this with with Grandma Gene getting there who can’t walk? Ok, how about getting married in Hawaii? Near a hotel and [...]

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Top Three 2018 Honeymoon Spots

These days honeymoons are not always sipping on pina coladas at a beach. The millennials are getting married and they want adventure and thrilling destinations. Perhaps wine on top of a wild tiger will suffice. Myanmar Want to support a place that was just released from 50 years of military rule? Myanmar, also known as  Burma, [...]

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Where to Eat in Gatesville, Texas

Peacock River Ranch is nestled on a gigantic property surrounded by the Leon River. The town surrounding us is Gatesville, Texas. It's a humble town and is also the spur capital of Texas. If you visit our museum downtown you can spin them at your leisure. Since I left the town in 2010 it has [...]

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