It is well known from every bride I have spoken to post wedding that every time you try to eat someone will stop you to offer their congratulations. This will happen from fifty feet from the buffet table all the way up to ten feet, and then someone will drag you back several feet to say hi to another family member.

Ask a Bridesmaid to Get Food

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Before the wedding even starts designate a bridesmaid to get a plate of food to automatically have at the table for you. Oftentimes the bridal party will go first and many times this will include the bride and groom so you could arrange this to be the way you eat as well, but even on the way, you may have to stop several times.

Have Someone Bring a Snack

Courtesy of Bride Box

This can be someone in the bridal party or a family member that knows how to show love with food. Ask someone to bring your favorite snack with them to the wedding and get it to you after. Lamb jerky would be my personal choice. Then just say you are going to the restroom if you are being danced through constant greetings. No one is going to congratulate you in the bathroom.

Be Blunt

As much as the wedding day is for the bride it is oftentimes that the bride becomes the host and wants everyone to be happy. While this is beautiful it can lead to not just confessing you need a break or need to eat. Tell people that you need to be human and they will understand.

Ask your Beloved to Grab Food


You just gained a life mate and the one without a dress is going to stand out way less. Let’s face it, a wedding dress is just like putting a target on your back for excitement. If your beloved is wearing a less obvious dress then have them try to sneak over for the food.