How to Have a Festive Winter Wedding

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Festive weddings bring holiday cheer into the beauty of snow and hot chocolate. You can adorn your bouquets with holly and set the dance hall with mistletoe backdrops that spread the love to everyone. Color Schemes: Let red stand out against the snow. Let's take a moment to admire this brave womanly soul. She had [...]

Top 3 Sites to Register for your Wedding Online

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It is lovely to go to the stores in your town and be able to physically see the kitchen appliances of your future. This is definitely still a must for your wedding registry. Not everyone is tech savvy, and local stores help your town's economy. Also it's fun to talk to the owners as they [...]

How to Take Selfies With the Bride

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At weddings we want to get that beautiful shot with the bride in order to capture her happiness on such a special day. We also want to show off our sweet style. Hey, we had to dress up too. Pro-tip: The bride has been taking a lot of photos so offer her water and ask [...]