To be outrageous with the lights can make people dance all night. Soft lighting in trees invites people to linger outside and talk about the future to come. There are many lighting and sound companies that can set up your reception hall and even your ceremony spot if you wish to bring the celebratory vows into the evening.


Lighted Trees

From The Knot

If you are having an outdoor wedding, especially one in the Texas Hill Country, then you have to let the trees shine. This option is very easy to DIY as well if you just purchase strings of light then weave them through trees. Check with the wedding facility to see what you are allowed to light up.

DIY Tin Cans for Casual Indoor or Outdoor Lighting

Imagine making these jars and putting your initials into them. You can use them once the lights go down for dancing inside or have them sitting outside, possibly next to the guest book. For the DIY tutorial go here.

Glow in the Dark Painted Planters

These look awesome and bring that unexpected thrill into the wedding. Instead of dealing with having a real plant I would suggest having fake plants inside.

Jar Lanterns

To string up the path to your reception consider having mason jars filled with lights. Here is a tutorial on how to make them hanging lights if you have a gate on the way. Check the lights before you depart so you can have the guests still see after the sparklers fade.


Cupcake Lights

As a blogger, I see ever so many adorable ideas, but this one really takes the cake. Just cut a small line in the cupcake liner and push the light through. These would match any style of wedding, but I would love to see them at a carnival-style of wedding. For the full tutorial go here.

Dimmer Lights

Image taken at Peacock River Ranch

One of the thousands of things we love about our facility is having dimmers on the lights. This way you can choose the mood for the wedding as the night celebrates onwards.