2019 seems to be the year for shaking up traditions and of course, eating our way through the past as well. The doughnut cake is a completely new one for me though, and I hope it becomes a millennial trend that lasts for generations.

Bite Sized Pretty in Pink

Photo by Sanaz Photography

For easy grabbing and delightful beauty there is the option of a pink and white doughnut hole style of cake.

A Tier on Top

I love the use of glazed donuts on the bottom as it just brings back so much childhood delight. With the cake tier on top you gain a beautiful contrast of donuts plus tradition. This way you can also still save the top of the cake.

Multiple Doughnut Styles

By Mike’s Amazing Stands

If you want to mix up the flavors and style of donuts then I think this array and structure of the donuts is perfect. You could still theme the doughnuts to be German style or even different types of chocolate donuts. You can find the stand on Etsy here. This stand can then be used for kid parties or adult parties with boozy donuts in the future.

Make it the Groom’s

If you are not wanting to make the entire bridal cake a beautiful fury of donuts then consider having the groom’s cake be the doughnut as it is usually one tier.


How to make a Doughnut Cake — Donut Cake Tutorial

If this idea of a doughnut cake has been inspiring and you want to go ahead and make a cake without the wedding then here is a tutorial on how to do so.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of the day.