One thing we know at Peacock River Ranch is that we love our brides, and we especially love watching their personalities define the wedding. Every bride is unique and brings in a special touch.

Dancing Flops

the female wedding guests have been dancing all night in heels. After a while, this gets to your feet, and a great way to keep everyone dancing is to provide alternative dancing shoes.

Guests Mark their Adventures on a Globe

A wanderlust bride of ours had guests scrawl their names across a globe. This way she could twirl the globe, point a finger and call a friend to tell her the best tips on where she would be going next.


Country Pride

The groomsmen at one of the weddings at Peacock River Ranch got a true keepsake. These vests were custom made for the wedding, and you have to believe they all still have them.


Wedding Party Favors

By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

Besides just taking home too many bubbles, one of our wedding parties went home with mustaches. A couple integrated the story of their first date into the wedding and it involved them both putting on mustaches and laughing for the rest of their lives.


Have Wildlife in your Wedding Shots

Our brides truly love to integrate the beautiful Texas nature and its wildlife into their wedding shots. Guests also love to see the peacocks and longhorns that roam the property.