Five Different Ways Father’s Give Their Daughters Away

//Five Different Ways Father’s Give Their Daughters Away

Five Different Ways Father’s Give Their Daughters Away

Women these days are headstrong, and even if they’re whimsical they have their own version of being free of tradition. Brides sometimes honor the past but give it a twist and other times they create a wedding moment just for them. Walking down the aisle and having a father give his bride away is an ancient tradition that originated from arranged marriages or marriages where the incoming groom literally bought the bride. Not just by money either, they could also make a deal for political or social status. Even the origin of the ring is tied to ownership. In early Roman, Greek, and Jewish cultures, rings were used as collateral to pay the father of the bride. We laugh these days at the past and create our own ways for the future.

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Five Ways Fathers Give Away the Bride

Here are a couple of twists on the words used by the father right before she stands before her groom.


Officiant: “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

Answer: “She gives herself, but with her family’s blessing.”

2.  From an officiant:


I don’t do this while you’re still standing in front. Everyone is seated, then I start with a reading, then I address the parents.

Parents (although it might feel like only yesterday), two children were born into this world, and in them, you saw infinite hope and possibility. You loved them, you rejoiced with them and you cried with them. You have given the inspiring examples of happy and successful marriages; proof of hard work and rich reward. On this day, we see them taking a new step, but it is not a step away from you; it is a step with you beside them as they start their married life.

Parents, do you support your daughter (daughter’s name) on this glorious day and welcome (groom’s name) into your family? (Groom’s father and mother) do you support your son (groom’s name)on this glorious day and welcome (bride’s name) into your family?


Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

3. Instead of having just the father walk you down the aisle many brides are having both parents walk you down the aisle.

4. If your father has passed away brides have another significant family member walk them down the aisle. We even had one bride get walked in by a horse with her brother leading it.

5. Brides also want to give themselves away, within full ownership of who they are and walk down the aisle alone.



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