The type of clothing you want to wear for your wedding could be very simple or quite tricky, especially for the bridesmaids who have to have their own outfits to back up the bride and sometimes what they’re wearing (which is always up to the bride) can have a huge impact on your special day, not on just outward appearances but also on how they are reflected to sync with the bride. What also wracks brains and budgets how the guests should appear.

By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch


What’s Too Much?

By Rebel Market

Maybe rainbow two-toned outfits or diamond studded outfits would be too much to accommodate for over 100 people (or even over 12 people.) I remember an argument a young lady had that when she grew up, she wanted all her guests to wear white and her mother argued how demanding that would be. Of course, I thought “why not?” and “why stop there?”


By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

By Straw Hat Photos at Peacock River Ranch

Themes. This usually isn’t so complicated. Choosing a black monkey suit can never be wrong but you can always flash it up a bit. If you’re planning your big day during a holiday it’s a good opportunity to let that theme shine for you in the wardrobe. Consider wearing red or green for a wedding close to Christmas or just going completely wild if your special day is close to Halloween.

In conclusion, there are no rules on how to appear and how you want others to appear for you on your most special day, so take some time and communicate with those loved ones around you and make it as fun as possible for everyone to be part of what outfits to appear in.