While planning your wedding there’s a need to add a truly personal touch. Not the touch you buy and that one thousand others can purchase too, but decorations that you create yourself. Here is a quick guide for rustic wedding decorations. Make sure to prepare them way ahead of time, and get your bridal party together to help out and make a fun evening out of it.


Driftwood Candelabra

This DIY wedding decoration takes a little more skill to make but can be used for a unity candle ceremony during your wedding ceremony.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Want to create an affordable chandelier with just lace, a hoop, and some lights? This is such an easy DIY wedding decoration that you can use the knowledge of how to make it for many future events.


Stir Stick Flower Box

If you’re able to guess that this flower box is made out of stir sticks then you must have been a master at the guess what this is from a picture of the texture game. Just paint stir sticks and super glue them together for this gorgeous box.


Wooden Cake Stand

Can you glue two pieces of wood together? If so you can create a gorgeous cake stand with a nature feel to it. This gorgeous stand will leave your guests swooning without knowing it only cost you the glue.


Wish Tree

This is a Dutch tradition where guests get to write down their well wishes and attach them to a small tree. A bonus to this interaction is getting to keep these loving messages to look back on for the years to come. This tree can easily just be made using a branch from your backyard.


Best of wishes to your wedding and let us know your favorite DIY decorations in the comment section below.