Health Trends for 2018 to get Your Perfect Wedding Face

//Health Trends for 2018 to get Your Perfect Wedding Face

Health Trends for 2018 to get Your Perfect Wedding Face

Of all the days that people will be staring at us the most, the wedding day is top tier. So even though we must always love and nurture our bodies for what they are, we must also make them look as beautiful as they truly are.

So here are the health trends hitting the Internet world for 2018.

Turmeric gets Trumped (forever ruined) by Moringa.


With all the rage being about the gut and depression linked to inflammation it is no wonder that everyone searches for anti-inflammatory herbs. It has twice the protein of spinach and three times as much iron, says nutritionist (and Well+Good Council member) Kimberly Snyder.

Skin Care that Protects from Technology


With growing interest in how our little and big robots affect our lives, skin care is now joining the fear market. Besides technology, we also deal with more pollution throughout the day. “Especially now, there are lots of impacts from pollutants in the environment and ozone to UV rays, and all of these can have a negative impact on the [skin’s] lipid barrier,” explains Jim Hammer, a cosmetic chemist, “So, proper skin barrier function is really key to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.” If you don’t want to spend upwards of $100 on a spray bottle you can include antioxidants in your skin routine, such as orange juice. Read more here.



We are always trying to figure out ways to reduce stress in our lives, but sometimes we lack the money to go to Hawaii. Staycations have become a proper way to relax at home and explore the environment around you.



In an every tuned in world we have to figure out how to disengage. Setting a bedtime for yourself and habitually meditating or exercising gives your mind a chance to relax. This boundary setting creates a brain pattern that establishes self-care so we can go back into the world with our greatest potential.



Yoga has been shown to reduce stress even more than reading. Getting into your body and releasing all of that stress inside is why yoga consistently makes fitness trends. You can also do yoga online with videos. Youtube is great for it, and I personally love Yoga with Kassandra.

The more we implement these health trends into our daily living the more our bodies will thank us. Some of them we’ll just do for three days. But hey, life is about experimentation.


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