You want all of your guests to get the maximum enjoyment out of your vows to love one another. The dancing will last for hours so you can get the final night of single(ish) dancing in with your ladies and loved ones. Friends are uniting you have not seen for years, along with new in-laws. The entire family is there to celebrate your future.

When can you Leave?

This is a celebration, but how long can you take it? When the lights in the sky go off you might just want to celebrate your vows alone. And do not fret, the party will go on without you. If you do want to stay but still want older family members to celebrate the bride and groom leaving, have a fake send off.

My father once told me you could tell from when a couple left whether or not they still needed to consummate the wedding.

Five Hour Wedding

I have probably seen around thirty-eight weddings and have learned that five hours is plenty of time. Once you go beyond five hours you are paying extra to be there. Most wedding packages are five hours long and the fee to keep the bartenders serving and the lights on at the facility can reach hundreds of extra dollars.



Speaking of bartending, do you really want people drinking at an open bar any longer than five hours? Most people have already loosened up their brains enough to dance, and many people will be driving after. I’ve seen events that go over hours and getting your drunk friends to leave a wedding can take an extra hour.  If friends complain tell them to have an after party at their hotel and let them take extra drinks with them.


The wedding venue staff can be paid extra to clean up the wedding, or you can clean it yourself. If your family is tidying up the joint give them an hour to make everything sparkle again.

Plan Lodging

Months before the wedding call hotels and tell them how many guests you expect for the wedding. The hotel will usually offer a discount since you’re filling so many rooms. Having a place to sleep and recall the wedding will leave everyone with amazing memories.