There’s the person you marry and there’s the bridesmaid that stands beside you. She supports you in making the most important decision of your life . Your maid of honor needs to be fierce, loving, and willing to tell you the truth.

What to Consider:

Will they get along?

Your bridesmaids aren’t the crazy cousins that you can say one sentence to and then claim you are needed for pictures. These ladies will be around you for hours, and will either be the reason you smile all day or the reason you need another glass of champagne. Steer clear of choosing a bridesmaid that is known for picking fights or that tends to bring up that time you gave everyone food poisoning.

Do they make you laugh?

Choose ladies that make the stress crack into laughter. Who can break you out of your mind and into jokes?

Did you hear about the notebook who married a pencil? She finally found Mr. Write.

Is one of them organized?

Preferably the maid of honor will be known for using post its and having a calendar. If not then make sure one of your chosen beauties knows how to keep things stable. A lot of little things will be popping up as the wedding goes along, and someone needs to be able to calm the chaos. Designate one of your bridesmaids to be the person people talk to when an issue arises. Usually they are small things, and if you are absolutely needed then your designated lady can come find you.

What do you think is the most important thing to look for? Let us know in the comments below.

And gentlemen, how do you choose your groomsmen?