How to Choose Your Groomsmen

//How to Choose Your Groomsmen

How to Choose Your Groomsmen

You’ve met the one. You’ve planned the perfect day together. You see your families sitting with in their seats staring at you and your loved one joining your lives together on the side of a cliff over the sunset in Maui or in the mountains of Colorado or a wooded moonlit area in Norway or (insert magical venue here ______) but there’s one thing that can be tricky as far as adding the right amount of spice to your wedding and that’s the groomsmen.

Personality Type

You don’t want the rowdiest of the rowdy unless you want that special day resembling an American Pie music video. On the other side, too little personality and the evening will be a little boring.  You want just the right amount of spectacle and appeal from the groom’s side to add laughter to the party. There are several different feelings you could go for. The type with a ‘sneaking out of class to the comic book store around the corner’ when they were kids, Big Bang Style, or that one really cool Rico suave guy who tells stories about how they became great friends in college after discovering they were both huge Star Wars fans. Perhaps go for the man who knows a couple of good speeches that reveal an embarrassing story that ultimately honors your character. All are great attributes to look for.


The Main Man Loves your Wife

Picking your best man can be quite tricky. There might be many influential men who you will be comrades with but only one be take that title to be there next to you with your life partner. It has to be someone you would trust your love with no matter the circumstances. Someone who would do anything for you no matter what. One who would respect the one who you will be spending the rest of your life with and hopefully be comforted by their presence as much as you.

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