How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Women often think your maid of honor should be your closest friend, but sometimes your closest friend is not the best choice. It could be the person you least likely expected. You want to choose the girl that’s responsible, caring, and willing to look out for the wedding. She laughs during the bachelorette party but makes sure you all have the right amount of drinks to be fully beautiful for the next day.


If your Best Friend Might be Hurt

You must learn in life that it is about you on your wedding day. The perfect spouse. The perfect outfit. The perfect venue. These are the things that should matter on your day. Your best friend will understand as long as you are honest with them. Best friends are bonded through knowing each other’s flaws. If your friend is not the best at organizing and taking on all the responsibilities of the maid of honor then they might also be far happier standing a little further away, but as close as always.


The Person that Knows How to Answer Questions


The maid of honor is going to be getting asked questions the entire night. Find a maid of honor who is very social and enjoys talking to people. A wedding coordinator is your best bet for having a designated person to answer questions or ask a family member or extended friend to take on the role. The number one thing to look out for is that the bride is not asked all the questions.








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