How to Decide Where to Have your Wedding

//How to Decide Where to Have your Wedding

How to Decide Where to Have your Wedding

The surroundings of the next beginning.

You look in front of you and see him. The man you will tell your most intimate secrets to. The man whose underwear you will wash and whose children you may bear. All the beauty and all the humanity you walk towards. Surrounding this moment are your parents and closest friends. You see aisles in a church, trees on a hill, a secluded beach or even Elvis as you say I do take you. How do you decide which scene fits you?


Outdoors or Indoors?

The first question to think of is whether or not you want to have your wedding protected from the outdoors or if you want the outdoors to be a part of it. The pros and cons of this range from rain and mosquitoes to sunlight and bird chirping. From our experience with an outdoor venue there is no part of nature that doesn’t enhance the wedding. And your God is there whether you’re in his temple or on top the Earth.

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The landscape for your wedding photos as well as bridals is a strong factor to consider. Although you can find a great photographer for indoor lighting outdoor lighting really shines. This is also where you want to look at the decorative aspects to your venue. What background will shoot best for Instagram? Which one shows off your Pinterest skills?



How many people do you want to have at your wedding? This number gives you a guide for which venues will really fit your needs. A solution to having an intimate wedding with a large celebration is to invite close friends and family to the ceremony and then invite the rest of your people to the reception. You can also move tables around in the reception hall when it comes time to dance.

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Is the venue able to support a group of friends staying the night after the wedding? Definitely check out available hotels and let your guests know the best place to book. In small towns they can fill fast and contacting the hotel may let you set up a discount for your group. At Peacock River Ranch we offer on site accommodations so you can stay all night long.


What tips do you have for deciding on the perfect wedding venue? Let us know in the comments below.


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