Festive weddings bring holiday cheer into the beauty of snow and hot chocolate. You can adorn your bouquets with holly and set the dance hall with mistletoe backdrops that spread the love to everyone.

Color Schemes:

Let red stand out against the snow.

Let’s take a moment to admire this brave womanly soul. She had her wedding in Lake Tahoe on one of the coldest days of the year:

For such a gorgeous wedding to occur sacrifices of warmth just had to be made. Since it is winter you have a chance to use reds and greens that make everything pop with vibrancy. Another color to fit into the scheme is gold.

For the wedding invitations feel free to use splashes of cold. The dots can even play on the snow look.




Pine needles fit the mood and add a delicious smell to your reception.

For the table decorations gold and red still stand best. If you’re willing to have the reception outside then wood scattered about adds to the ambiance.

Check out this Pinterest board for more festive wedding decorations.

For the candy bar you will definitely need peppermint bark.

This recipe claims to be the easiest peppermint bark recipe. Let us know if it’s true.

You can also serve Hot chocolate with mini donuts on top. If you do then please invite me to your wedding.

I’ll blog about it for you.