How to Have a Fourth of July Wedding

//How to Have a Fourth of July Wedding

How to Have a Fourth of July Wedding

To celebrate on top of celebration brings great cheer to weddings. For those personalities that thrive on an independent spirit and the spirit of America, then to have a wedding on the fourth of July is another way to declare such love for your country.


Color Theme

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This one is obvious. Red, white and blue will cover the halls and many surfaces of the wedding.

The Cake


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With cakes, you do not have to stick to one theme. You can show off love for both your country and your state. Besides, which state has greater pride than Texas?

The Food and Drinks


The food can be very simple for this inspired wedding. The classic BBQ is used in so many weddings that it would almost be a sin to not let the scent fill the air at a Fourth of July wedding. There are also many red white and blue options once you start adding fruit to wedding treats.



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If there will be kids at the wedding then it is best to keep them entertained. Designate an adult or a younger person that might also get bored with wedding rituals and plan out games. A great one for the Fourth of July is capture the flag.



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