How to Have Chocolate at Your Wedding

//How to Have Chocolate at Your Wedding

How to Have Chocolate at Your Wedding

You know there are many things that you do for everyone else when it comes to wedding and then there are the things you do for you. Chocolate is that thing.

Did you know that the bride usually does not get to eat during the wedding? When that food comes towards the tongue it’s like a calling to someone who has not congratulated you. So try as you might to scarf down that brisket or steak you might be starving at the end. I’m fairly certain appetizers at a wedding was thought up by a bride.

So do yourself a blissfully delicious favor and have easily accessible chocolate at the wedding.


S’mores Bar


Either by having a S’mores bar without fire and just a torch lit by a trained fireman, or by having the whole setup outside a S’mores bar brings everyone back to a happy moment of childhood.


Chocolate Appetizers


Photo by Saveur

Not all chocolate has to be sweet. Savory chocolate is used on meats and you could definitely have a cocoa roasted cauliflower or chocolate dusted ribs to grab as a surprise treat.

You could also skip the S’mores bar and turn it into a bite-sized cup. The recipe is found here.


Chocolate Fountain



Then there is, of course, the classic chocolate fountain. I love these with kiwis as part of the fruit or if they have something a little different like sourdough bread bites and German pretzels. If you elect to purchase a small chocolate fountain you could also use it for cheese in the future. 😉


I think the S’mores bar is my favorite because it allows people to play with fire and have fun with their treat.


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