Wondering how to fit your best friend into your wedding pictures? Thinking of how to pose them in order to prove your love in front of all your friends and families?


You can take up close pictures, or even have the photographer capture a wide angle shot. Both ways tell a story, and keep all of your family in the picture.


Sometimes, you have to let them be the star of the show. Here is where you want those wide angle shots, and be sure to take them fast.


Be sure to have treats on hand for the dogs. It convinces them into being on their best behavior.

We had a bride request her horse in the picture, and we are so glad she did. She was a real life fairy tale.


Then, another bride chose to ride a horse up the aisle.


Whichever love of your life is in the picture, just remember to enjoy the moment. They go by so fast. We are so lucky to be able to capture them.



Best wishes to you and yours.