How to Know it is Love

//How to Know it is Love

How to Know it is Love

With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, love is being bought as roses and chocolates and sung within letters weaving through melodies. We get caught up in the grandeur of love, but what is love when it comes to the every day and when it comes to the tediousness of life sucking away our patience?

I believe love is not captured in a singular moment when we lift so far off the ground. It seems angels have caught our souls. Love happens when you are bored. It happens when you are insecure and do not even remember how to love yourself. In these moments you realize if you are in love. When nothing is able to hide you or distract you, and the other person is right in front of you. This is the moment you know if it is real.


It sounds simple, but it is the physical display of love. Do you smile all the time? Does the thought of your lover make you giggle? Laughter and smiling come from the unexpected, and having someone churn your life into blissful new moments will bring a lifetime of inner challenge and growth.

They Love the People around You

When the person you are in a relationship hates your best friend then you are heading for inner turmoil. There will probably never be a relationship where everyone loves one another without even a nudge of conflict, but do they love you enough to try? If they respect your relationships and want you to grow with them, then you’ve found a magical person.

One of you Loves Cooking

This is not a requirement, but it does save money. It also means you get to explore new flavors and cuisine from around the world while still at home and very close to the bed.

That Feeling

It sounds old and you hate it when grandmother says it, but sometimes you just know. Love is not a scientific equation, but it is now a science. “According to a science-based study by Arthur Arun, on average, the mind of a person takes between 90 seconds to 4 minutes to determine whether it is struck by love or not”, as stated in an article by Examined Existence.

Sometimes, however, things are not so simple. Love can take time to strike. You can find it’s your best friend you’ve known for months or even years and realize one day how much they make you smile and suddenly you see a future that now seems so obvious. Memories of how much they support what you want to do no matter what it takes. Putting their feelings in front of your own, challenging the dark parts of you and nurturing your dreams, unconditionally. This selfless type of love is the most sought after.

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