How to Not Freak out During Wedding Planning

How to Not Freak out During Wedding Planning

We all have a tendency to feel overwhelmed when thirty people want decisions from us and eighteen other people are telling us what decision we should make while five other people are saying to calm down and go with the flow.


Take the Planning out of Your Head

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Organizer is going to have to be your new personality type when it comes to wedding planning. Instead of trying to keep track of everything in your head and walking around with worry go ahead and create a folder in your email labeled Wedding and mark dates on your online calendar for when you need to have the catering taken care of as well as the cake, the dress, and wedding invites. Schedules are your new best friend.


Delegate to your Bridesmaids

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Your bridesmaids are going to be the foundation on which you stand for this process. So is your family and so are the friends that simply cheer you on and say congratulations. Those warm feelings of love make all of the planning worth it in the end. If you are feeling overwhelmed then do not feel like all the weight of the wedding is on you. Allow your foundation to hold you and take on some of the weight.


Have your Betrothed be Part of the Decisions

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We are to a time where the wedding is not all about the woman. Of course, it will always be about staring a gorgeous woman flowing in white, or blue, or even green, but not all woman love making decisions. We even have two men or two women finally allowed to legalize their love so the simplicity of a woman deciding everything is a past concept. If you do not know what color to have for the flowers or even what colors for the groomsmen to have then consult the person you plan to be making decisions with for years to come.


Know that the Wedding Does Not Have to be Perfect

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Back in someday, a woman imagined the wedding for all her life and as such was the one who knew the flowers to be chosen, the venue with ice sculptures everywhere to be wed and the cake to be eaten. Not all ladies have had such daydreams and many times a wedding is more practical these days and even more about finances than fairytale. A wedding is a celebration where at the end of the vows guests want you to be truly happy and show support for your future. No one wants you to be stressed and hate the planning of the celebration when your future with your beloved is starting immediately after. Breathe. Remember why you are getting married and fall in love with the celebration that begins it all.


Remember that Champagne and Chocolate go Together


P.S. You can learn how to use that saber at your wedding to uncork the champagne bottle here.

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