Researching for these blog posts often means finding movie quotes for wedding comedy. For this post  27 Dresses takes the cake. Katherine Heigl is a bridesmaid in 27 weddings, and has the closet to prove it. I thought we could use some of her and Kevin’s advice.


Kevin-Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind.

Planning a wedding can feel like losing your sanity.  Then you find it in your husband’s eyes as you walk the aisle. But that is months away and right now you need to figure out bridesmaids dresses. You can try to make them match the theme of your dress or even the wedding, but in the end these ladies want to look good based on their own decisions. Hopefully you can all find dresses they can wear after the wedding too.


Go to a Dress Store

Let the beauties try on the dresses themselves. This way they can see how the cuts look and you can just relax and talk to your friends. They’ll reach the decision among themselves, and some shops offer champagne.

Protip: Send a couple of dress samples to your maids from the store that you like. This can cut out time as they can check the entire store’s collection. You can also choose the color and let them choose the cut.


Check Dress Sizing


Work to find a dress that is available in every size your bridesmaids needs. Usually alterations can fix this potential issue, but it is best to check just in case.


Check on Timing


Make sure the dresses are available in the time you need for the wedding. This includes time for alterations.


Coordinate with the Men


Now that you have the colors picked out let the men know so they can match a part of their outfits.

Jane: Wanna go find the ugliest stuff in the store and register Tess for it?

Kevin: Let’s do it.


Plan Food Indulgence


Jane: I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich.

You’ll wind up spending hours at the store and then emerge with hungry ladies taxed of mental and physical prowess. Go grab drinks and remember why you love each other. Remember that  a wedding is about bringing your friends and family together with you to the next phase of life. Let every moment sink in.