How to Quickly Clean up After a Wedding

//How to Quickly Clean up After a Wedding

How to Quickly Clean up After a Wedding

The bells have finished ringing, and it is time for the guests to leave so the bridal clean up party can go home and rest. Weddings are a lot of work, both to set up and to tear down. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Number one tip: Avoid glitter and confetti. This midget paper gets everywhere and does not like to get up. Use bubbles or sparklers for the wedding farewell.

Crazy Moves

While the guests are dancing go ahead and start cleaning up all of the plates and food. A few guests will often pitch in, and others will discard their own plates.

You can also use this time to break down the tables, as people will be dancing and some of the tables will be empty. Many people will already be leaving so do not worry about there not being enough seating space.


Prepare the cake. If there is any scrumptious wedding fluff leftover at all. You save the top layer for the bride and groom, and then set the rest aside for guests to take home. Leave a few plates out so they can just use those for take away.


Make sure the caterers have everything they need, and are also all set to go. Catering companies usually know how to handle their own clean up, but it’s best to check that everything is going smoothly.


Check that the bar is broken down as well. Getting those kegs off the property can take some man power, and if you leave them on property there is generally a fee.


Once the happy married couple leaves everything is fair game. Keep that music on and have your own dance cleanup party.


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