How to Take Selfies With the Bride

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How to Take Selfies With the Bride

At weddings we want to get that beautiful shot with the bride in order to capture her happiness on such a special day. We also want to show off our sweet style. Hey, we had to dress up too.


Pro-tip: The bride has been taking a lot of photos so offer her water and ask if she’s had time to eat yet. If not grab her a bite, a lot of couples are starved but haven’t had time to eat with all the activity.


The bride should be the light of the shot. Besides, she will be the best dressed.

But you know that you’re looking good too.


If you are friends, or family, feel free to tackle the bride with love and snap a shot of it.


If you want a group shot it’s time to grab a stick or just pass off the camera to the photographer.

ford abbott wedding-263.jpg

Don’t forget to make a hashtag for the wedding and shout it out.


Happy snapping! Share your favorite photo tips in the comments below.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg. Especially with so many handsome men, or women around.



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