You know how celebrities have their own cocktails at parties? I saw this in way too many ladies shows growing up, like Gossip Girl. In real life think of Arnold Palmer who has the drink of half lemonade half sweet tea but recently clarified it’s actually three parts lemonade to one part tea. A famous cocktail example I just learned about by researching for this post is the Margarita. According to Taste Essence:

The Story Behind It – Margarita is a drink that everyone knows, but are you aware from where the name came from? Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German ambassador, visited Ensenada where the bartender of Hussong Cantina experimented with some drink, came up with this for his guest, and even named it after her. However, there are many more claims for the invention of this drink.
At your wedding, a crafty way to excite your guests is to have a cocktail at the bar named after you. It can be a combination drink with both your names or have a cocktail for both of you. The drink can also have a story behind it, such as the drink that the two of you had on the first date or invented yourselves on a crazy night you couldn’t stop experimenting with drinks.

Match the Wedding Theme:

A cocktail can pull together the wedding as much as the cake. Having an island themed wedding? Pull out the umbrellas and pineapple to amplify the feeling. If you’re doing a murder mystery style wedding, because why not, then have a mystery cocktail that people have to guess the ingredients of.

Use Your Personality as Inspiration:


By Ever Mine

Photo by Ever Mine

“Think about the flavors of your life,” Jeff Naples advises, a mixologist. “Not necessarily liquor flavors, but your favorite foods, your heritage, smells that make you smile, colors that represent the union — all of these items usually end up being the colors of your wedding”, and can all be swirled into a liquid concoction.

Do you love glistening nights filled with lights and dancing? Then think of flavors such as grenadine and flavored vodkas. If you’re into nature think elderflower and chartreuse or even absinthe. Elderflower is so delicious and sweet but with a floral essence to it while chartreuse and absinthe have intense flavors that need complimentary liquids to weaken their boldness.

Use Your Heritage:

The Viking by The Cocktail Courier

Do you have Mexican heritage that’s dying to influence your wedding night? Think mezcal for the cocktail and get your caterers to create a mole dish to compliment the drink. If your heritage has an Irish background then think of mixing something with a Guinness. There’s a cocktail called Jamaican Fruit Punch that uses Guinness, Brandy, sweetened condensed milk and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg blended together.


Ask a Bartender Friend to Invent a Cocktail for You:

Photo by Sugar Love Chic

Or just a friend that’s really into cocktails. Let us face reality, coming up with a cocktail can take serious crafting and much experimentation. If you have a friend that knows how to craft cocktails then ask them to help out. One time I asked a bartender to craft a drink he thought I would like. It was the best drink I ever had with grapefruit and smoke added from a flame.


Use a Common Cocktail with a Simple Twist:



Photo by Vine Pair


You could create an old-fashioned and simply add chocolate bitters because you love chocolate. Many cocktails can handle a small twist to them and then you get to celebrate a classic in an exciting way.


To create a themed cocktail for the wedding does take dedication in finding the style, the ingredients, and getting it planned out for the wedding ahead of time.