What’s the main argument between which flowers you want at your wedding? Tulips or Roses. However, what if there are some more exotic options that can make your wedding a part of your personality? Here are local central Texas floral shops that have their expertise in flowers. Let them decide with you.


#5) Graves Florist, Gatesville


Graves is near and dear to our hearts. They customize flowers for your entire event and work with a price you can fit into your wedding.  They have Southern hospitality that grows deeper than its roots.  To be a business in a small town since 1965 you have to know what you are doing.

#4) La Vega Flower Shop, Waco
Pink Passion Rose Bridal Bouquet


Bridal Bouquet


Pastel Mix Wedding Bridal Bouquet


Bridal Bouquet


Romantic Collection Bridal Bouquet


Bridal Bouquet


From La Vega:


Wedding flowers are something you will remember for a lifetime. These are the flowers that will always trigger special memories of the day you shared, so it’s important to pick something perfectly you. Just as important is choosing the right florist and LA VEGA FLOWER SHOP is ready to help you! Call us in advance at (254) 799-4441 to schedule a consultation. We’d love to help you start planning your dream wedding or your next successful event.

We’re proud to add these wonderful people to our list of where to get flowers for your special day.

#3) Main Florist, Waco
The one thing that sets Main Florist apart is their selection of orchids and blooming plants with a huge variety of seasonal and every occasion flowers, their artistic craftsmanship for flowers sails above par.
#2) Blumen Meisters, New Braunfels

This is it, folks. Voted best florist in 2017 by local residents for their large variety of bouquets specific to weddings. These humans have you covered. And oh, how wonderful it is to be covered in such amazing bouquets. With a 5 star rating and an easy accessible website with great photography to boot, this is the place to go.

#1 ) Just’in Roses Wedding Floral, Round Rock

Founded 13 years ago and a leading name in the industry, Just’in Roses is hard to miss. With their history of attention to detail and tenacity to make out of the box type of requests for wedding events, we put Just’in Roses at the top of our list.